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We took a little more time and spent a little more money on this album. We went back to Steve Cunningham and paid him for two days of studio time to do this album. We feel the extra time we put into the album is definitely noticed in the recordings.


released 21 April 2013

Eric - guitar, vocals
Ian - bass, vocals
Mike - guitar, vocals
Jeff - drums



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The Anti-Psychotics Ford City, Pennsylvania

We are the Anti-Psychotics. We write and play the music that will keep you from going crazy. There is no design, no desire to live up to someone else's standard of what punk is. This music is our therapy, it's our fun. It makes us feel good, keeps us on the level. Our music; your counselor, your therapy, your medicine. Support us, cause without you we are nothing. ... more

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Track Name: Anxiety


It's my anxiety
It always bothers me
It makes me crazy
I just lock myself away
My friends are idiots
they smash my stuff they break my shit
I'm growing older and my heart is growing colder

Oh no. I am what I am I will never understand
oh no no no

social situations, emotional frustrations
I feel it build inside, I just want to go run and hide
I could not talk to you, even if I wanted to.
Like a junkie on heroin, I'm feeling trapped I can not win
Track Name: 302'd


See the man he's all pretty and groomed
He looks sharp like his mind is in tune
but is he what he appears

See the man as he expresses himself
He looks smart and appears to be in good health
but is he what he appears

I'm not crazy, you're the one who's crazy
fuck you don't try to deny it
don't look around the crowd, you know who you are
fuck you, you are part of the problem.

See the man the American dream
he preaches religion, he has a wife and three kids
but is he what he appears

see the man he is so calm and cold
but on the inside his nerves want to explode
cause no one is what they appear


302'd insane. I'm not you and I wouldn't want to be
cause you are more fucked up than me
know who you are and respect your fellow man
cause we are all fucked up and insane

Track Name: Meds
I think I need some fucking meds my friend
the tensions building up this year
I guess I kind of lost my head and then
I hid inside my room all year.

Was it my lack of attention
or do I just need some affection
but they got a pill for that I swear
I'm going to be ok

inside my head I think its snowing
The picture's now becoming clear
with no direction I am going
I'm going to be ok

I think I need some fucking meds again
I gave into the pressure and the fear
I might be paranoid I might be crazy
I feel my end is drawing near

Track Name: The door


Death is a door that I can not open
cause that's far too easy I must learn to fix what I have broken
Life makes you strong but I don't know if I can bear it
I must put on a new face then I must learn how to wear it

I'll find the will to survive,
dug deep from in the corner of my mind
I will find the will to defy
no longer will I hide
my mind will not break me
my mind wont define my hopes or my dreams
I'm a survivor I'm gonna be who I wanna be

Death may be tempting but it's not an option
even though we try in vain and most of the times we will not win
life is a journey and I will choose not to end it
and that will be my choice I'll choose my life and learn how to live it


I will find the will to survive!
Track Name: No control


Think it was 93 something came over me
when a friend played something on my stereo
what's that its social d, rancid and op ivy
It gives me this feeling I just can't control
and I said oh no. no no no no control

well what is punk well I don't care
it's about these songs as long as the feelings there
people can say what they want, people can choose which way they go
but they better not touch my stereo

some fight oppression of there government
some bleed there hearts as if you gave a shit
some search for adventure and others are just because
but if it makes me feel alright I'm going to say it's punk rock.
Track Name: Dirty old punk
How come we always want those things that we can't have
we lust and lust and lust until it drives us mad
at first I wanted it I just got a taste of it I knew I couldn't have it
though I just really wanted it

go on and leave if you want
I do my best on my own
I'm just a dirty old punk afraid of dying alone
I do the best that I can
can't think where I went wrong
all I've got is the stage, I give my heart to songs

I watch the lovers hold each other it makes me sad
a false sense of security something I wish I had.
I walk alone because of fate, I disconnect because of hate
I train myself to shut them out, it's not my fault it's not my fault